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Cassette Decks
(2/2006 update)
Reel to Reel Decks
(2/2006 update)
Piece of Paradise

Victor "Tape Decks Running Out the Ears" Trifu
A Lot of Tape Decks on Display <<<
Victor likes tape decks! He is an "import", probably better known as an immigrant, coming from one of the former Soviet Union satellites. I like Victor so I guess he can stay... ha!
Along about summer of 2004, he decided to divert some time from computer software executive duties toward acquiring tape decks. So far, he has had great success.
More Tape Decks on Display
Even More Tape Decks on Display <<<
The man has even more tape decks. As his growing collection grew, there were various ones for which we could not supply service manuals. I once told him that I would send him a list of what we have and from then going forward, he was to buy nothing except decks on our list..  :)

The following are a couple of notes we received from Victor. They are in our Customer Comments page and we decided to post them here on his page also.

"Rick, I received the manuals today. (StereoManuals note: Without ever seeing a single product of ours, he trusted the information on this Customer Comments page and placed his 1st order for 26 cassette & reel to reel service manuals) That was actually faster than I was expecting. They are indeed the best quality manuals I've seen, and I have been buying quite a few, from many sources. For instance the schematics and drawings are even more legible than originals sometimes are. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this carefully and put them all together in a short time. I'll certainly buy more manuals from you, in the future." - Victor Trifu

Victor did indeed buy more manuals! Eight months later (the day this is posted), the number is up to 72. He latest unsolicited remarks...

"The box of service manuals you sent was delivered yesterday, as always the manuals are of ultra-high quality! I can tell how much attention and care you guys (and gals) put into this, it's greatly appreciated. Too bad you don't have all the manuals in the world, I would get all the ones I need from you :) If everyone would put the kind of passion you put in what you do, things would be so much better in this world. Thanks." - Victor

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