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Audio Manuals for trade. - We are interested in trading as it is an efficient way to acquire things we want, or need (or just wouldn't mind having) without spending "real money." If you think you would like to acquire some manuals without spending "your" real money, let us know. There are two sections here. The first is examples of Things We Might Want. The second is examples of Things We Have Traded For in the past, to give you an idea or stimulate your imagination.
We know lots of people who own 25, 50, 100 or more pieces of audio gear. We have had numerous folks send us lists with dozens or scores of models at one time... looking for literature. We have literature ranging from $3.00 (postage included) to $100.00+ (plus shipping). So you can see that, depending on what combination of items you want, it could add up to a substantial amount of money.

So, whether you need one, a few or a lot of literature items, do give some consideration to making an offer of manuals, equipment, whatever... We have no problem in making trading deals worth $10.00 or hundreds of dollars. We do have a great reputation for quality (see Customer Comments) and guarantee you will be pleased with our products and that they will match our individual Quality Ratings. This might be a great way for you to get what you want and save yourself a great deal of money with something that for whatever reason, is only of marginal value to you.

Things We Might Want to Trade For
  • If you have original audio literature you no longer need and are thinking about throwing out, consider giving it to us instead of the landfill, so that we can make it available to others who would really like to have it. Many generous folks have done this asking nothing in return and we really appreciate it. We can issue you a standing credit against your future literature needs if desired.
  • Original audio literature - We keep the original. If necessary or desired, we can return a best-efforts reproduction of it with your order. Depending on the exact item, we may be highly interested and willing to well compensate you. Or we may be only slightly interested and not willing to trade or discount much. Keeping the original is always our highly preferred first choice.
  • Original audio literature - Loaned to us to copy or scan and we return them with your order. This way we can make it precisely as we deem best in order to produce the highest possible reproductions from it, which might include us making multiple copies or scans of some pages in different ways. This is our second choice preference.
  • Original audio literature - High resolution scans (300 dpi or better) sent to us on a compact disc in a non-lossy file format like TIFF or BITMAP. Crappy compressed JPG's or poor PDF's are of almost no value to us. This our third choice preference.
  • Photocopies of your original audio literature - We usually end up being disappointed in the quality and often semi-wish we hadn't done the deal. This normally is the case regardless of whether you or some local "professional" copy shop did them. 90+% of the time, there are significant problems that would not exist if "we" did it ourselves. Almost everyone who sends them says/thinks they are good... sigh... Of course we are interested in having even copies with problems as opposed to having nothing at all. But in general, we aren't usually excited about trading for photocopies because of so much past experience with receiving poorly done copies.
  • Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver in good to excellent condition.
  • Pioneer RT-2022 /RT-2044 Reel to Reel deck in good to excellent condition.
  • Technics RS-1500US /RS-1506US Reel to Reel deck in good to excellent condition.
  • Revox A-77 or B-77 Reel to Reel deck - Prefer later revised/improved model in good to excellent working condition.
  • Sansui QRX-7001 4 CH Receiver in good to excellent operating condition and at least good appearance.
  • 4-Track Reel to Reel Quad deck in good to excellent operating condition (Teac, Akai, Tascam, etc.).
  • 2-Track Reel to Reel deck in good to excellent operating condition (Teac, Akai, Tascam, etc.).
  • Teac AN-180 -  Noise Reduction unit in good to excellent operating condition
  • Teac AN-300 -  Noise Reduction unit in good to excellent operating condition
  • Pioneer SR-303 - Reverb unit in good to excellent condition.
  • Pioneer silver-era gear - Late 70's - early 80's - possibly any model, any condition.
  • Pioneer U-24 Program Selector in good to excellent operating condition.
  • High-end cassette decks in good to excellent operating condition (Akai, Tascam, Nakamichi, etc.).
  • Possibly any audio gear - From any company, even mixers, microphones, processors, etc.
  • Shure V15VxMR - phono cartridge in good to excellent condition.
  • Computers - 1 GHz or faster in good operating condition (appearance not real important).
  • Laptop computer - Reasonable speed... 500MHz or better in good working condition.
  • Computer DVD drives - Good working condition.
  • Flat screen computer monitors - Will consider any size in good to excellent working condition.
  • Monochrome (B/W) Laser Printers - Good to excellent working condition capable of 600 dpi or better.
  • Color Laser Printers or Printer/Copier - Good to excellent working condition capable of 600 dpi minimum, prefer 1200 dpi.capable
  • Flatbed scanners - Good to excellent working condition capable of high resolution and 11" x 17" or better with or without automatic document feeding, collating, etc.
  • Multi-function laser printer/scanner/copier/fax - Will consider anything in good to excellent working condition.
  • Music Collections - Reel to Reel or Cassette or Compact Disc original recordings or home dubbed, high quality reel to reel or cassette recordings or large collections of quality MP3's at 128 or better or other digital formats on compact discs.
  • Almost anything you wish to suggest.


Things We Have Traded For
  • Original audio literature - We kept the original (and possibly returned a best-efforts reproduction with the order).
  • Original audio literature - Loaned to us to copy and we returned them with the order.
  • Original audio literature - High resolution scans on compact disc (large file sizes like TIFF or BITMAP, not compressed, crappy jpg's or poor PDF's).
  • Copies of your original audio literature - We usually wish we didn't do these trades. Almost everyone who sent them said/thought they are good... sigh... See same entry in the Things We Might Want list above for reasons why.
  • Pioneer SD-1100 Scope Display (This was in our list above. It came not as a trade, but as a result of the kindness of a good man).
  • Akai DS-5 Tape Deck Selector
  • Akai RC-12 Remote Control
  • Nakamchi Tri-Tracer remote control
  • Reel to Reel original music tapes
  • Music Collections (home dubbed) Beatles. Hendrix, etc.
  • Russian nesting dolls - or "matryoshka" (sometimes called stacking dolls)
  • Sony SB-500 Tape Selector
  • Compac Deskpro computer
  • WD Caviar 4GB hard drive
  • WD Caviar 8.4GB hard drive
  • Seagate 18Gb SCSI hard drive
  • Pioneer audio gear pilot lamps
  • Electronics Project Kit
  • Bottle of professionally home-brewed Brunello wine
  • Fishing Lure Collector's Bible book
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