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PAYPAL USERS (who know how to use your account):  If you found the item you want AND if it has a Price Code assigned to it, you may BUY IT RIGHT NOW. You do not need to contact us first. There is no need for you to read everything on this site if all you want to do it buy an item. If you understand the simple instructions below and follow them, your item will be on it's way to you quickly.

Instructions for Paypal purchase assuming you want one item only. If you want more than one item, email and request email invoice with combined shipping.

  1. On our site, you have already clicked the item's Price Code link so that you already know the item's price and shipping amount.
  2. Use your mouse to copy the entire row of information for the exact item you want. Be certain to copy THE EXACT ITEM you want because there may be multiple items for any given model.
  3. Include all the columns (Company, Model, Equipment, Literature, Comments, Price Codes and Description).
  4. Login to your Paypal account.
  5. Be sure your Paypal account profile is set to include your shipping address with the payment notice and that it is correct.
  6. Click the Send Money tab, or Tools Menu /Send Money, or Pay & Get Paid /Send Money, etc. Then choose Goods /Services or similar choice. Paypal changes their site interface fairly often, If what you see is slightly different than what I just said, you should be able to figure it out easily.
  7. Paste your item's info into the "Note:" field.
  8. Fill in the appropriate fields.
    1. Amount: = your item's price plus shipping (if any).
    2. Currency: = U.S. Dollars (no exceptions).
    3. Category of Purchase: = Goods (other).
    4. Recipient's Email: = (That is us. If you don't spell it correctly, we will not receive it.
  9. If you need to tell us anything else, type it into the "Note: field" just before the item info. If you are a previous customer, let us know. If your Customer Info has changed, let us know. You could also send us a separate email... just be sure to say it's about a new direct web site purchase via Paypal you just did or will be sending (Identify the transactions in some way if you used different emails accounts, etc.. Use your common sense, this ain't rocket science... and we don't bite.


Copy the EXACT information from our site for the exact item you want. As shown below you would need to specify precisely which item you want.

Marantz Service Manuals, User Manuals and Sales Brochures
Guaranteed Quality Ratings - The Marantz Lists are complete and we do not have any items not listed. Almost all items have price codes and descriptions. For those that do, you may Buy It Now With Paypal or otherwise see Simple Purchasing Info.
CompanyModelEquipmentLiteratureCommentsPrice CodesDescription
MarantzModel 2600ReceiverService Manual(List Price was $1600.00 in 1978-1980)G20108 total pages (24 intentionally blank) including (8) 11" x 17" schematic inserts (USA /Canada & European Versions), constructed as the original including 11" x 17" folded /trimmed pullout pages, card stock covers, neatly assembled with 5 staples and fiber reinforced taped spine. In the original, the schematics are on 4 page pullouts and contain very small print. So in addition to making normally, we have enlarged each to span across (4) single-side printed, vertically oriented 11" x 17" inserts to help with readability. Overall quality is Very Good.
MarantzModel 2600ReceiverService #1Schematics only (USA /Canada version)S1416 total pages (8 intentionally blank) consisting of (4) single-side printed 11" x 17" pages. The original 4 page pullout in the manual contains very small print so we have enlarged them to span across (4) 11" x 17" vertically oriented pages to help with readability. Schematics only (USA /Canada version). Overall quality is Very Good.
MarantzModel 2600ReceiverService #2Schematics only (European version)S1416 total pages (8 intentionally blank) consisting of (4) single-side printed 11" x 17" pages. The original 4 page pullout in the manual contains very small print so we have enlarged them to span across (4) 11" x 17" vertically oriented pages to help with readability. Schematics only (European version). Overall quality is Very Good.




For everyone else who may not be Paypal users or may not understand these instructions, we recommend you contact us via email to avoid any confusion. Before doing so, you might take a quick look at Basic Premise/Start Here which is how we "wish" we could do business. Simple Purchasing Info gives you help for your inquiries and purchasing questions. You can find all the ways you can pay on Payment Options.

Many of you are Paypal old hands and at making purchases online. You only need to know the price, the shipping cost and where to send the payment. Since we often have multiple items for any given model number, you should (at least once) review the information below to avoid any possibility of buying the wrong thing or us shipping you the wrong thing. Our Paypal User Name (who to pay) is on How to Pay Us with Paypal.

You don't have to, but it would be great... if you would send us an email with the Order Form /Customer Info so we can keep accurate records and to dramatically reduce the chance of you or us messing up your order. HOWEVER... if you don't, the name and shipping address in the notice Paypal sends us is sufficient for us to process your purchase. Just be sure that your Paypal account is setup to also include your name and shipping info because some aren't.


It is very important that you correctly identify yourself and tell us exactly what item you are paying for. In the examples below, please see the full size image for some clear instructions on how to easily avoid making mistakes.
Click the image to see a large version. In it, you will see a section of the Manuals Catalog for ADC company.

1 - Note that if you want an ADC Product Line #2 Sales Brochure, you will need to decide if you want a full color reproduction OR a B/W photocopy AND use the correct Price Code AND specify to us which is your choice.

2 - Note that if you want a Service Manual for ADC model 16/1 or 16/2R Compact Disc, you are referred to ADC model CD-250X Service Manual. The listing for CD-250X is where you find the information about the correct Service Manual, the Price Code and the description. In this case you order the CD-250X and not 16/1 or 16/2R.

3 - Note the listings for Accutrac +6 Turntable. There is a User/Service Manual #1 AND a User/Service Manual #2. These two happen to have identical Price Codes and similar descriptions. BUT, they are different and you need to identify to us which one you are buying.
In our Manuals Catalog, you may find model numbers with multiple items listed for that model.

You may find a model number with any or all of the following:

1 - User - (comments column says to see a different number)
2 - Service - (comments column says to see a different number)
3 - Brochure - (comments column says to see a different number)

In each of the above examples, go to that "different number". That "different number" will show that it is also for the first number you looked at. BE SURE TO ORDER THAT "DIFFERENT NUMBER"

4 - User Manual
5 - User Manual #1 (or #2, etc)
6 - User /Service Manual
7 - Service Manual
8 - Service Manual #1 (or #2, etc)
9 - Parts List Manual
10 - Service Guide
11 - Schematics Only
12 - Service 'something else'
13 - Color Sales Brochure Reproduction (or #1, #2, #3)
14 - Sales Brochure (PC) - (B/W photocopy)
15 - Full Documentation Package - (User /Service /Brochure)

You must be sure to use the proper Price Code for the item you want AND accurately identify to us which item you are paying for.
This example is NOT shown in the image above. If you wish, you can see it in your browser on the ADC page. If you want a Service Manual for ADC Turntable model:

1600 or 1700 or C-214 or C-215 or C-216, you find they all say 'see 1510.'

When you go to 1510, you see in the Comments column that it says, 'also 1600, 1700, C-214, C-215, C-216.' If there is anything in the Description column, it will probably also say, 'Models covered: 1510, 1600, 1700, C214, C-215, C-216.'

This should make it clear that the one 1510 Service Manual is the correct one for each of those models. There is no reason for you to think we don't have manuals for the other model numbers (unless we specifically mention it). The 1510 IS THE MANUAL for each of those other models, so order by using the 1510 designation.
Click the image to see a large version (or right click and open in a new window).

We think the easiest way to NOT make a mistake is to simply use your mouse to highlight the row of information for the item you want. Then right click and chose 'copy.' Then right click and paste it into your email with the Order Form /Customer Info and/or the Paypal note area and/or other message you might send us.
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