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Photocopy Brochures Explained

Our purpose in making these available is because we know there are a lot of people who would really like to have the information contained in the sales brochures but do not wish to spend the extra money it costs for our Full color reproductions. In other words, the customer isn't interested in a "collectors item", they just want the info. We have tried to come up with a price structure for them that makes them cheap enough for impulse purchases, yet reflects our transaction costs and the increased handling of these usually rare documents.

Essentially, a "Sales Brochure (PC)" is an ordinary photocopy of a sales brochure. That means that if the original contained:

  • high resolution color or grayscale images,
  • color gradients,
  • particular types of color reverse background text,
  • etc.,

then the photocopy will definitely not provide the same high quality in the images, gradients or areas of text printed on colored backgrounds, etc. We do make every effort to make them as good as the equipment is capable of and we do them in the same "format" (see below) as our Full Color reproductions.

How we do Sales Brochure Reproductions

Most, but not all Sales Brochures were originally printed in color. Many of them were very high quality printings. They were after all, presentation pieces designed to make your mouth water with desire.

In almost all cases, and unless otherwise mentioned, we reproduce Sales Brochures on very high quality color equipment, even if the original is only a two-tone or even black and white piece. This is required to achieve high quality image reproduction. When we reproduce color brochures, we make every attempt to produce them in the same format as the originals and most cases, the results are outstanding. Because we are often able to eliminate or reduce aging effects, writing, and other flaws, our Full Color reproductions frequently look overall better than most originals one might find to purchase, unless they happen to be very clean and well preserved items.

By "format", we mean that if the original is a two-sided 8.5" x 11" piece, that is how we reproduce it. If the original is an 11" x 17" folded brochure, that is how we reproduce it. If it is a 8 (or more) pages, center folded and center stapled brochure, that is how we reproduce it. If it has a odd numbered foldout page, we generally include that portion as an insert. We do not attempt to reproduce folded "pocket-style" pamphlets in the original format. We generally do them with 1, 2, 3 or 4 "sides" on 8.5" x 11" stock and will occasionally use 11" x 17" stock. For a variety of reasons, we use either a heavy weight card stock or a more normal weight paper stock for any given brochure.

We do this work ourselves, but we do it off premises which means that we have to drive to another location across town to make them. We do try to keep some of the more popular ones in stock. But because of the prohibitive cost, we can not stock them all and hence must find the time to go do them when orders come in.

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