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Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel Service Manual
Item will match description or we will do whatever it takes to Guarantee Your Satisfaction. Each production run is normally consistent, but insignificant *minor* variations may occur.
Model Designation: Pioneer RT 707 Reel to Reel (Open Reel) (rt707)
Literature Type: Service Manual
Contents: Specifications, descriptions of controls and features, connection diagram, block diagram, level diagram, circuits descriptions, disassembly, parts locations, mechanical adjustments, head adjustments, electrical adjustments, exploded views, schematic diagrams, P.C. board patterns, parts lists, schematics.
Page Count: 132 total pages (10 intentionally blank) - counting all 8.5" x 11" page sides, cover to cover, printed or not, including inserts, extras, etc.
Extra Items:  
Inserts: (3) Tech Bulletins, and (4) single-side printed 11in x 17in overlapping schematics pages.
Construction: Made exactly as the original with double-side printing, (many) 11" x 17" folded/trimmed pullout pages, front and rear cover stock is printed in FULL-COLOR, neatly assembled with 5 heavy duty staples and taped spine.
General Condition:
Read before purchase
Overall Quality Scale
& Company Notes
Excellent. A *Virtual Original.* For all practical purposes, better than anything other a 100% clean original.
Flaws or Defects:  
Notes: (Unit produced 1977 - 1985. Retailed $700.00). Covers KU (USA), KC (Canada) versions with some information specific to HG (Europe/Oceania, Scandinavia, UK), D (General Export) and D/G (US Military) versions. The RT-707 is highly collectible for its fantastic appearance (looks great in a Pioneer Spec Studio Rack System), its excellent recording/playback capabilities and its excellent build quality. We also have virtually perfect  RT-707 Dealer Sales Brochures and RT-707 User ManualsWe also have the September, 1977, 168 page Additional (updated /revised) Supplement Service Manual which covers the improvements /revisions made to both the RT-701 and RT-707.
Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel deck looks good mounted in a Pioneer JA-R2S Studio Rack
Click for full size
Front Cover 11" x 17" Folded Pullout Example Close-up Text Schematic Inserts
(If available and as time allows...)
A sampling of previous customer comments concerning this exact item.
"I just wanted to let you know that you & your company are the manual GODS! This (Pioneer RT-707) manual is absolutely Beautiful! It far exceeds what I could have ever printed from that CD I bought. I'll tell you this I don't care how long I have to wait. I will order from you guys again anytime, which may be very soon just as soon as I know what I need for service manuals or even owner's manuals. Thanks Rick! "You're The Man"! Have A Great Day!" --Jim Siller

"I received my RT-707 Service Manual today. Thanks for the quick turnaround. The term 'copy' of the manual did not make me think that I would get a professionally bound, perfectly printed book with a color cover. This really exceeded all my expectations. An original manual wouldn't be half as good, because it would fall apart on my workbench do to age and deterioration! I'm very glad that someone provides this service/product. If I hadn't stumbled upon your website, I probably would have ended up just throwing away this great old piece of equipment." -- LCDR William C. Schmitz, Texas"

WOW!!! That service manual is something else. It looks better than I can imagine an original looking! I was knocked out! Looks like a whole lot of work to me. I'll get you some raving positive feedback." "WOW-WOW-WOW!!! His manual repro's are incredible! You won't be disappointed! Thanks" -- Jerry  (

I received the manuals & brochure today. I'm amazed at the quality of these reproductions!! I've read the customer comments and I'm a believer of your material. One thing I found humorous, on the 909 sales brochure did you pay attention to the tape threading marvel? I about laughed... I heard someone on the list mention this and they said if you ever come across one you have to see to believe! Thanks again Rick! Hope to do it again soon. - Max Floyd

Hi Rick, WOW, how could anyone be dis-satisfied with the RT-707 manual you reproduced. It is simply the best my friend. Your on my favorites list and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks Again!! Best Regards, Carmine

"Top Notch Workmanship!!! Very Well Laid Out!!! Excellent!!!!! AAAAAAAA++++++++++"
"Excellent reproduction! Much better than a soiled and wrinkled original manual."
"Received in brand new condition. Highly recommended!!!"
"Very good quality, fast response, will do business again with confidence!"
"Manual was very good reproduction, including heavy-weight color covers"
"Super-fast Shipping, A GREAT manual, AAA+++ Superior quality reproductions. Blazingly fast. "
"Better Than Described! Ans E-mails, Fast Shipper, 2nd time buyer, A+ Seller !!"
"Highly professional. Quick deal. Perfect communication."
"Product exactly as described. Great emails. Fast shipment."
"Rapid service, quality product, hope we do future business, A+
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