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Ampex ATR-700 User /Service Manual

Model Designation: Ampex ATR 700  Reel to Reel (Open Reel) (atr700)
Literature Type: User /Operations /Maintenance /Service Manual
Contents: Operations, Maintenance, Service, Parts Lists and Schematics as provided by Ampex in one large manual. We decided to reproduce it as 3 separate volumes. See Notes Section below if you are interested in just one  individual section.

  80 pages bound - Vol. 1 of 3 - Operation (also some technical info)
  58 pages bound - Vol. 2 of 3 - Maintenance
122 pages bound - Vol. 3 of 3 - Parts List and Schematics

Each manual has its own covers and duplicate Contents pages. The 3 volume set together is approximately 1/3 less than purchasing separately.

Price Code G30
Page Count: 260 - counting all 8.5" x 11" page sides, cover to cover, printed or not, including inserts, extras, etc.
Extra Items:  
Construction: (With the exception that we decided to separate the huge manual into 3 separate manuals)...  Constructed as the original including numerous 11in x 17in folded, trimmed pullout pages , card stock covers, neatly assembled with 5 heavy-duty staples and fiber reinforced taped spine.
General Condition: (Quality Scale) Excellent. A *Virtual Original.* For all practical purposes, identical to and better than anything other a 100% clean original.
Flaws or Defects:  
Notes: We will also provide each of the 3 sections separately if you only want a portion of the manual.

  80 pages bound - Vol. 1 of 3 - Operation (also some technical info) = Price Code G18
  58 pages bound - Vol. 2 of 3 - Maintenance = Price Code G14
122 pages bound - Vol. 3 of 3 - Parts List and Schematics = Price Code G23

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