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Manuals Price Code Charts and Other Additional Information
If you want further information about these Price Code charts. If you want to see an easy way to use them in a separate browser window. If you wonder why you can't find "CLICK HERE TO BUY" buttons. If you see an item listed but can't find a Price Code. See the main About Price Codes page.
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(Coming Soon) Manuals Price Codes Chart "EF" = Electronic Files (Downloads, PDFs, etc.)
"EF" (Electronic Files Price Codes) items are any type of electronic file available to be delivered via email attachment, or download link from the internet, CDROMs, etc. They may be User Manuals, Service Manuals, Color (or b/w) Sales Brochures, or any other type of miscellaneous items. We do have around half a million items in electronic format. Electronic files distribution is a whole other business model than what we have been doing with our high quality printed manuals. For that reason, we are not yet prepared to make very many of them available. But in some limited circumstances, we are, hence this Price Code chart. We will do more to develop this chart as soon as possible. Unless we have it listed in our manuals catalog, please don't waste your time or ours asking for electronic distribution.

Price Code Regular Price (Shipping = $0.00)

EF1 $1.00
EF2 $2.00
EF3 $3.00
EF4 $4.00
EF5 $5.00
EF6 $6.00
EF7 $7.00
EF8 $8.00
EF9 $9.00
EF10 $10.00
EF11 $11.00
EF12 $12.00
EF13 $13.00
EF14 $14.00
EF15 $15.00
EF16 $16.00
EF17 $17.00
EF18 $18.00
EF19 $19.00
EF20 $20.00
EF21 $21.00
EF22 $22.00
EF23 $23.00
EF24 $24.00
EF25 $25.00
EF26 $26.00
EF27 $27.00
EF28 $28.00
EF29 $29.00
EF30 $30.00

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