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Our word is our bond and we guarantee to deliver to you exactly what we describe prior to taking your order.
Since starting this business, the single most time-consuming thing has been gathering the manuals descriptive information. We have spent countless hours at this task and have refused to sell anything without first providing a detailed description. At minimum, the description includes the size of the item, how it is made and an individually assigned (and guaranteed) quality rating. Until we are able to provide this information on the website for all items, we provide it in a return email along with prices.
We trust you *actually read* our description. If you have questions or *special expectations*, ask us *before* you give us your order. We operate our business with integrity and ship exactly what we described to you before we accepted your order. Therefore we don't expect a request for a return or refund from anyone, at anytime... ever!
Returns Policy: Except for misrepresentation, we normally do not accept returns or offer refunds for literature items unless we get a sob-story we find compelling. In cases where we agree to a return, we must receive the item (s) in the same condition as when we shipped it. Such returns and refunds will be for the purchase price only and are subject to a $5.00 handling & restocking fee.
Nobody is perfect... *Stuff* happens sometimes. So we guarantee to refund what you paid (including initial shipping) if the item differs in any *significant way* from our description. We must receive the item back in the same condition as shipped. All returns are considered strictly on a case by case basis.
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