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The information in the table below is essentially the same as the dual purpose Order Form /Customer Info sections in our Pricing Emails and our Invoice emails. If you already have an established relationship with us and KNOW we don't need any updated information, you don't need to send us anything except to clearly identify who you are.

Hint:  If you are making a Buy It Now with Paypal purchase and use an HTML email client, it's very easy to just copy the table below into an email. Fill in the info and send to the email address on this page.

You do not have to supply all the info to do business with us. All we "have to have" (besides your payment) is your name and shipping address. The balance is optional, but we hope you will provide it. For a variety of reasons, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to get a reply to you. Please give as much of this information as you are willing. The more you provide, the better we can serve you both now and in the future. USA and Canada customers might be very well served to provide phone information. We will not call anyone outside the USA or Canada. If you wish, see Privacy and Customer Info.

Order Form /Customer Information
If you making a Buy It Now with Paypal purchase and using this table, be sure to tell us exactly what you are paying for. If using this table to make an inquiry, tell exactly what you want.

Exact item(s) I am buying or want.



Previous customer (yes /no) =
Did /will use PayPal (when) =
Will pay using other method (which) =
Will pay approximately this date =


eBay User Name (if applicable) =
eBay email address =
Other email address =
Paypal email address (if different) =
Work email address =


Name (First, Middle, Last) =
1st line of address =
2nd line of address =
Apartment, Suite, Unit #, etc. =
City (Township, etc.) =
State (Borough, Province, etc.) =
Zip code (mail code, Country Code, etc.) =
Country =


We are not setup to receive your incoming phone calls, BUT it might save us both a lot of time if we can call you to clarify something about your order. This is "especially true" if there are email delivery problems.
Home Phone Number =
(Best time to call) =
Work Phone Number =
(Best time to call) =
Other Phone Number  =
FAX Number =


Please just send us "whatever" of your old information necessary for us to identify your previous records. We will update them all to reflect the current information you just supplied.
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