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Pioneer Spec Bible - 2nd Edition - Pre-publication discount buyers Last Notice
Last email update to Pre-publication discount buyers.
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April 30, 2003

Hi to all you partakers of the Pioneer Spec Bible Pre-publication offer (and now a few who didn't get in on that offer),

First... THEY ARE FINALLY DONE... (sort of... read on)

I'm beginning to feel like you all are almost *family*... so let me continue as a friend to a friend...

I *am ashamed* of having promised shipping on this multiple times. Life here has been quite tough since early this year with first one thing then another happening to put us behind. I am still operating under a crushing workload.... I suppose averaging about 3 hr sleep /day for the past few months. Trying and trying and trying to get caught up and current with everything hasn't succeeded... yet!! Hopefully this will change soon. Things are beginning to slow down some now as the winter/spring rush is nearing its end.

I (with some helpers) have been working at *several* projects that will ultimately increase efficiency many times over. Some of these have been underway for awhile now, some have been planned for a long time and some are sudden, unplanned projects made necessary by the opportunity to acquire 37,500+ (6000 lbs) of audio service manuals. I brought them home the weekend of the 20th. This takes us from something less than 5000 to more than 40,000 audio literature items. We may now have more than any other single seller on the internet. I'm not clear about the logistics of making these all available but I guess I'll figure it out.

That leads to my last promised /anticipated shipping date. As the time for the 1200 mile trip for manuals pickup neared, I could not find the time to do the cover design for the Bible. We were furiously trying to make one of my rental houses ready to put the new manuals in and ultimately move all operations there. Well, we needed probably 2-3 more days to complete a *barely adequate preparation* which would have had the major wall finished for placement of filing cabinets and carpet on the floor. The balance of reconstruction could have been done later.

So now I have a Penske truckload of manuals in the entrance hall while the under-construction area remains a mess. I'm not sure how soon I can return to that project. They may still be in the hallway this time next year. Ah... life is great!!! I will be posting stuff on the website when time allows about our growing pains, moves, consolidation efforts, etc. over these past couple years. It should be entertaining reading when completed.

Since returning with the manuals, I've tried to find time to write, apologize for missing the last anticipated shipping date and give you an update. I know it sounds silly, but I COULD NOT find the time to do it. I did finally get the cover designed and some initial pictures prepared for the website description. You can see what it looks like along with additional information at this address.....


Be sure to check out the Dedication page honoring my main collaborator on this project. It is interesting reading and gives a good background about the creation of this reference book. The link is on the above page and also here....


Even though many hours went into the cover, but am not totally pleased. The problem is that I don't personally have a lot of scanning /printing experience. Scanning for print projects is entirely different than scanning for web posting and takes some experience to get it right. Sometime down the road when time allows, I will spend some time redesigning the cover with higher resolution scans and higher printing resolutions to see if they can be Excellent instead of just ok. For now, what we have is what we're going with.

During this last delay, the Bible has continued to be updated which required that about 20 of the pages had to be replaced. I downloaded the computer file to a computer at the place where I do my color work. The monitor I used there is atrocious so it was very difficult to set some page parameters. I printed out the master copy to one of their $3000 b/w laser printers. Beautiful printing indeed. I discovered that regardless of printing method, there are always a few random specks and/or glitches. I basically knew that but I guess I had thought that was mostly a problem with copiers.

I spent quite a bit of time to detail/remove every error I could find and began the first production run early this morning (April 30, 2003). About 25% into the run, the commercial grade copier we use made a horrible noise and halted. Ok... I said life is fun. Apparently a gear stripped because nothing will feed through. I'm writing this letter while I wait for the repair folks to come do an emergency repair. About 5 hours ago, they thought they might have someone here in a couple hours. I guess I found time to give you an update... ha! Life is fun!!!

As fast as the repair is done, I will do the printing. Then one trip back to their office to use a comb binding machine, and in the mail they go...... FINALLY!! I do sincerely appreciate you all having the patience of Job with this project. And I am *very glad* its finally completed. I posted a couple of ads for this on eBay yesterday. I have no idea if all this work will result in a reasonable number of sales or not. I would like to add some *previous customer comments* in the ad text as soon as possible. Please, when you receive yours, write me back and let me know what you think about it.

Before I quit, I would like to ask you guys a question. Do you have a preference for manuals to be bound as most original manuals were.... neatly aligned pages, neatly trimmed and folded pullout pages... then side stapled and taped spine.

or with the much easier to do plastic comb binding?

I'm thinking about putting a survey on the site about this issue. It seems *everybody* is selling manuals and almost all of them use comb binding. Our method is *much harder* to do because there is little room for error in trimming, folding, assembly, etc. With comb binding, pages can be slightly mis-aligned, folded pages don't need to be as accurate, etc. because of the *slack* presented by the loose binding method.

If people seem to prefer the plastic binding, I may switch as it sure would save a lot of time and effort. Let me know what you think and also participate in the online survey if you find one on our home page.

Thanks again,

Best regards,
ebay ID = theman1
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