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Pioneer Spec Bible - 2nd Edition - Footnotes Data Quiz
Our Exclusive Pioneer Spec Bible knows the answers to these questions... do you?
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  • How much did an optional SA-900 walnut cabinet cost in 1971?
  • Which 1979 amps had pre-amp output and power amp input jacks?
  • Which early 70's amps require a input transformer for MC cartridges?
  • What early 70's amp model numbers were reused in the early 80's?
  • Which 1981 components join with CT-X50 cassette to form a 'One-touch Auto-Play System'?
  • What is the difference between 1983's A-30 and SA-940 amps?
  • Which 1976 8-Tracks were originally branded 'Centrex by Pioneer'?
  • Which 1982 cassette decks retained the same model number but had downgraded specs compared to prior year?
  • Which 1985 cassette models were available in black (except Australia) and silver (except Canada)?
  • 1985's CT-S99WR cassette deck was available world-wide in black only except which market in silver?
  • Which mid 70's system had a BSR C141R record changer built-in?
  • In which 1980 systems were Audio Technica AT70 and Audio Technica AT71E cartridges used?
  • What is the difference between SG-9 and SG-9800 equalizers?
  • What is the model number of a Pioneer 'tape creating amplifier'?
  • In what year was the SPEC 1 phono S/N ratio improved over prior years?
  • Which 1970 receivers included shortwave reception?
  • Which 1970's 4-CH receivers include Regular Matrix (RM) and SQ decoders or Compatible Discrete (CD-4) demodulator or not?
  • What do SX-300 and Sound Project 300 have in common and where were they available?
  • Which 4-CH receivers had automatic carrier level adjustment?
  • By what other model number is the SX-939 known but with a black face?
  • SX-5590 was much more famously known in the USA as what?
  • Which 1978 SX-xxx receivers were manufactured in the Republic of Korea instead of Japan?
  • Which 1984 receiver includes Long Wave reception?
  • Do RT-71 and T-6600 open reel decks have anything in common?
  • What style and how many aluminum take-up reels were included with a RT-909?
  • What 1972 speaker's model number was reused by Pioneer in 1983 and 1984?
  • Was there any difference between the two 10" woofers included in the HPM-200 speakers?
  • What does HPM stand for?
  • Which 1977 tuners have three selection switchable de-emphasis?
  • What 1980 tuner was also sold as a Phase Linear 5100II?
  • Who owned Phase Linear in 1980?
  • Among the 1985 TX-055, TX-905 and TX950 tuners, which is the best performer?
  • What specific bit of information might you want to know about a PL-570 turntable?
  • What 1977 turntable came with no tone arm?
  • Which 1980 turntables were identical other than black cabinet/silver controls or silver cabinet/black controls?
  • The weight of PL-110 turntables is much less than other 1983 models. Why?
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