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Pioneer Spec Bible - 2nd Edition - Summary of Changes
What Was Changed in the First Edition to Make the 2nd Edition
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Enhanced the document's ease-of-reference
  1. Re-sequenced all specifications data alphanumerically by model number.
  2. Re-sequenced all versions / country codes alphabetically.
  3. Split the "Preface" into two sections:
  4. Added an Index at the end.
Improved the accuracy of the contents
  1. Corrected the availability dates for twenty-six models:  CS-511, CS-522, CS-711, CS-722, CS-811, CS-822, CS-911, CS-911A, CS-922, ES-2000, PC-12, PL-15R, PL-250, PL-260, PL-540, QD-240, QX-8000, SE-2, SE-6, SE-205, SE-L3, SE-L5, SR-202W, SX-400, TX-101Z, and TX-9500.
  2. Deleted two models that were only available after 1985:  CU-SX086 and SX-303R.
  3. Replaced references to the (non-existent) RT-1011 by the RT-1011L.
  4. Corrected data for several models:  including CS-66A, CS-66G, CS-500G, CT-760, CT-960, CT-3131A, CT-4141A, CT-4141E, CT-S22, CT-S44, CT-S55R, CT-S66R, CT-1160R, CT-1260R, E-1000A, ES-2000, JA-R1A, JA-R2S, PC-135, SA-130, SA-606, SA-706, and TX-606.
Enhanced the content of the document
  1. Added a "Speaker Drivers" section listing the drivers for ninety early 1970s speaker systems and five early 1970s speaker kits.
  2. Added a "Tone arm geometry" column to the "Turntables" section and entered data for all models.
  3. Added six versions / country codes:  FA, FSA, FU, H, PT, and ZE.
  4. Added data for eleven models to the "Image Response" and "Spurious Response" tables in the "Tuner Terminology" section (F-50, F-70, F-X9, CX-7000, SX-600, SX-700, SX-6000, TX-130, TX-500, TX-930, and TX-6500).
  5. Added one model to the "Cartridges" section:  PL-C7.
  6. Added "furnished" / "recommended" turntables to twelve "Cartridges":  PC-3MC, PC-11, PC-12, PC-30, PC-50, PC-135, PC-145, PC-220, PC-250T, PC-290T, PC-400, and PC-Q1.
  7. Added complete specifications for one hundred and seven models:  A-X3, A-X7, A-X8, A-X700, A-X900, B-3000, C-3500, C-3500S, C-5600, C-6000, CB-510, CB-710, CB-850W, CB-855, CE-19, CE-20, CE-21, CE-22, CS-30, CS-30A, CS-40, CS-40A, CS-50, CS-50A, CS-60, CS-60A, CS-100A, CS-200A, CS-301, CS-311, CS-400A, CS-411, CS-511A, CS-522A, CS-701, CS-711A, CS-722A, CS-801, CS-801A, CS-811A, CS-822A, CS-901, CS-922A, CS-E450, CS-F51, CS-G200W, CS-G2000, CS-G2011W, CS-G2022W, CS-R100, CS-R300-1, CS-R500-1, CS-R600, CS-T3, CS-T5, CS-T8, CS-T66, CS-X100, CS-X100-1, CT-3000M, CT-F755, CX-7000, DM-31, Monitor 10 II, Music System 750, Music System 850, PC-110/II, PL-12R, PL-12S, PL-12X, PL-15, PL-15D, PL-31D, PL-55, PL-55D, PL-455, PL-512X, PL-A45, Prelude 500, Prelude 600, Prelude 700, Prelude 4000A, Rondo 3000X, Rondo 5000X, S-55X, S-4600, SA-7300, SCS-11, SE-20, SE-25XD, SE-255, SE-300, SPL-100, SX-34B, SX-82, SX-110, SX-600, SX-700, SX-3000, SX-5000, SX-6000, T-600, TX-100Z, TX-100ZL, TX-101ZL, TX-V700, and XD-11 to yield a total of 1,136 models.
  8. Where 'rated input power' of a speaker was given, also included the 'maximum input power' as a footnote (e.g.,  HPM-300 /HPM-500 /HPM-700 /HPM-900 /HPM-1100).
  9. Augmented the notes and/or footnotes for several existing models:  including CM-75M, CT-40, CT-F2121, CT-F9191, FT-V70, H-R88, HPM-1500, PC-12, PL-610, PL-630, PL-A35D, QT-2100, SA-V70, SE-700, SE-L22, SE-Q404, SG-50M, SX-1280, SX-1980, TX-201Z, TX-6300, and TX-V1160.
  10. Increased the number of models in the 'Also Ran' section by sixty-four, and decreased it by twenty-three (for which specifications became fully known) to yield a new total of 107 models for which specifications remain incomplete.
Enhanced the document's appearance
  1. Made hundreds of small changes to punctuation, spacing, etc. to enhance ease of readability.
  2. Made numerous minor wording changes in Terminology and Footnotes to enhance readability and clarity of meaning.
  3. Made scores of minor formatting changes to Terminology sections to enhance margin and line spacing appearance.
  4. Modified numerous column spacing to improve column label spacing and appearance.
  5. Made scores of additional changes to improve final printed page appearance.
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