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I graduated in journalism and was working with a very good international firm. To increase my prospects I wanted to learn to speak Spanish as it is spoken in many countries. I adopted the Pimsleur method. I listened to the CDs at my convenience while relaxing, driving, cooking etc. It helped me to increase my vocabulary and gain knowledge about the language without giving any extra time. Spaced repetition at varied intervals helped to recall the words. Proper attention was also given to grammar part. Due to speaking out the language and sentences pronunciation improved and gave natural flow to the language. Today I work for a famous Spanish newspaper. Jack Dotson Jakarta, Indonesia.

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My friend is a very good biker and biking is all time hobby. So on his birthday without any doubt I had to give him a motorbike jacket because as a friend I knew that he wants a new jacket. In last days he had a rough tackle and had his jacket all roughed up. Seeing this I had in mind that he don't just need any leather motorbike jacket he needed something that could protect him. So I read many reviews and after reading much stuff on internet I come with a very specific version of protective textile motorbike jacket. Now I am much assured and satisfied that my friend is safer and can have better experience.

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